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Released: 24th October 2005.

Hilary Duff - Wake UpI'm worried about Hilary Duff. Despite having now reached 18 years of age, she seems to be stuck in her teenage iconic image. Her latest single "Wake Up" is a fun, upbeat tune with a catchy rhythm, that may score highly with many of her 10-year-old fans, but will ultimately be the victim of no airplay.

* * * (Sean Faye)

Hilary Duff's crossed the pond again, and I'm guessing that pretty soon she'll be back in the US, underneath a rock, hoping everyone forgets she ever decided to release this abomination of a song. The lyrics are actually laughably bad, and I would comment on the tune, but her producers appear to have decided against adding one. At least she's lost weight...

* * (Lex)

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