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Released: 24th October 2005.

Westlife - You Raise Me UpThe anticipation is over... Westlife are back! If you think they've spent their time recording new and interesting material you'll be disappointed as this is yet another cover version. Don't get me wrong - they haven't battered the original like they did with "Uptown Girl", but don't you think the fans would be expecting something better and more original as a comeback?

* * (Terence)

Here we go again then. Another year, another time for a new Westlife album, and thus the bland cover version. The song in question, "You Raise Me Up", is actually a very good song indeed, with lots of emotion and a fantastic melody. Originally by Secret Garden, and covered to perfection by the likes of Josh Groban and Aled Jones, this new Westlife version is just another example of how they are able to take a good song and murder it. It's another Westlife carbon copy, with nothing new and nothing amazing about it whatsoever. Westlife are very good at what they do, don't get me wrong, it's just too bad that what they do is awful. Ah well, another No. 1 then.

* (Tom Eames)

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