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Released: 17th October 2005.

Rachel Stevens - Come And Get ItEveryone's favourite S Club member is back with another attempt at stardom. Swapping sugarry-pop for electro-pop, one thing you can be sure of: it's not going to be another "Funky Dory".

Bringing Richard X on board once more, after the success of "Some Girls", Rachel is given her own sound in "Crazy Boys", that sets the tone for most of the album. It's still catchy, but with a dark saucy twist that makes the album refreshingly unpredictable.

"Je M'Apelle", "Dumb Dumb" and "Nothing Good About This Goodbye" in particular, will make you hum along even after the music stops. The hit singles are all here, inlcuding "So Good" and "I Said Never Again (But Here We Are)".

As for the downsides, "It's All About Me" is unnecessarily bland, while "Secret Garden" will drive you insane, with its playground melody.

"Come And Get It" is surprisingly solid and could be the album Rachel Stevens will be remebered for.

* * * * (conor123)

Almost two years after the release of her debut album "Funky Dory" the ex-S Cluber Rachel Stevens returns with a stream of 1980s style electro-pop extravaganza.

From the futeristic vibe of the hit single "So Good" to elctronic rhythms and synth-soaked melodies, it's all quite addictive.

The funky, yet easy, beats of "Dumb Dumb" make this a stunner of a track. The album includes the retro-inspired girl anthem "Some Girls", the hit single "Negotiate With Love" and the frentic "Crazy Boys". Also worth noticing is the elctro-smooth ballad "I'll be there" and the dark "Funny How", which wouldn't sound out of place on Kylie's "Fever" album.

Rachel's easy vocals ooze with maturity, making this an album pop lovers everywhere will struggle to resist.

* * * * (Jabba Dubba)

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