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Released: 10th October 2005.

Liberty X - XA lot can happen during two years. So what has been occupying Liberty X since the release of their previous album?

A forced affair with R&B it seems, as "X" shows a departure from their winning formula of standard pop into a more urban territory.

"Song For Lovers" is an obvious highlight, so is the slow "Then There Was You", the electro "Dirty Cash", and the very hip-hop "Move Ya Body". The title track, "It's OK" and "Divine Inspiration" are amongst the stand-outs too, but the luck runs out on some other tracks.

You are guaranteed to skip "Shotgun" before a minute of the song has passed. "Yo DJ" isn't much better and "In My Bed" would struggle to be a B-side.

Strangely, the album also includes the band's four past hit singles.

"X" is a mish mash of the new and the old, satisfying few in its desperate plea to please everyone.

* * * (conor123)

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