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Released: 7th November 2005.

Uniting Nations are back with their third single "Ai No Corrida". A stunning piece of catchy dance music, this time with a female vocalist singing the song, it gets fixed in your head after just a few listens. It's much better than "You And Me" and just as good as the fantastic "Out Of Touch". Expect a third Top 15 hit in the charts and a huge hit in the clubs.

* * * * * (conor123)

This is yet another one of those songs where all you really need to know is one line and a verse, and be capable of listening to it repeatedly for 3-4 minutes. The latest release from Uniting Nations fails to compare to debut "Out Of Touch", yet it is certainly a step up from the last single. It follows the same formula of sample-stealing techniques over a dancey beat, and should certainly get a fair few people on the dancefloor. Catchy it may be, and almost addictive in its repetition, the song is just another dance song, and certainly nothing special.

* * * (crazyman324)

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