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Released: 9th April 2001.

Sugababes - Run For CoverThe third single from the all girl group is as good as the last two. Nowadays, it's not often you find such an act with any credibility at all, but these three girls seem to have broken the mould. "Run For Cover" is a relaxed, emotive track, perfect as a single, and the vocals of these three are, as ever, very good. It's very musically credible, and it certainly makes a nice change from the Sugababes' sister groups.

* * * * (DS)

A third effort from the Sugababes. You can't fault them; they've got great voices and they don't look bad, but their songs aren't really my cup of tea. This is probably their best so far, but you know that with those voices they could be making much better stuff.

* * * (Tom Hall)

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