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Released: 25th October 1999.

A Tribe Called Quest - AnthologyA Tribe Called Quest has given us some of the most well-thought out tracks in hip-hop - forget that, they ARE hip-hop. With their everyman nature, they were the ones that showed us that it was all right to smile and have fun and make some nice music that also has the ability to drop some science onto us.

A Tribe Called Quest came onto the scene back in 1990 and drop their classic debut "Peoples Instinctive Travels And The Paths Of Rhythm" with its fresh sound they gave us that mixture of hip-hop-meets-Jazz that would makes them hip-hop icons.

They were our safety net and they helped us get through all of the trials and tribulations of hip-hop, including the Death Row/ Bad Boy beef, Tupac Shakur's and Notorious B.I.G. tragic deaths. A track like "Stressed Out" featuring Faith Evans, with its down-to-earth beat and thought-out lyrics, was what helped us to deal with it all.

There were also the tracks that made us have fun, like the entertaining "Hot Sex" from the "Boomerang" soundtrack to Busta Rhymes' adding his ad-libs on "Oh My God".

Speaking of Busta, he turns in a stellar performance on the classic "Scenario", while "Award Tour" must be their tightest track to date. On "Check The Rhime" Q-Tip drops the famous and classic line, "Industry rule No # 4080, record company people are shady". This would be a line that all rappers would follow to this day.

Tribe also helped us hip-hop heads understand love. Like whenever you see a girl you're interested in, the smooth beat from "Bonita Applebum" pops into your head to help you mellow out . The same thing could be said for "Find A Way".

If you were anything like me, you were probably crushed when you got the news about Tribe splitting up. But with this album, they prove it'll be a cold day in hell before we ever forget A Tribe Called Quest.

* * * * * (Lynx)

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