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Released: 7th November 2005.

Son Of Dork - Ticket Outta LoservilleJames Bourne (he of ex-Busted fame), is back back back with his new band, Son Of Dork, and boy, what a tune to launch with! Echoing the likes of New Found Glory, Blink 182 et al, "Ticket Outta Loserville" is a promising sign of things to come, and they're awesome live - I was lucky enough to see them support McFly on their last tour. Hopefully this will do well, as it's a great track. Charlie who?

* * * * * (Alex MacGregor)

We all had our doubts about Fightstar, but this has just crossed the line. Son Of Dork are atrocious - a mixture of what appears to be The Faders, Simple Plan and Freefaller. In a vain attempt to appear American, James Bourne even sings with the accent, and both the band and single name are disturbingly, stereotypically American as well.

* * (Lex)

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