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Released: 16th April 2001.

Destiny's Child - SurvivorThe release of "Survivor" by the ever-morphing and unstoppable Destiny's Child couldn't have come at a better time. Still blazing off the success of "Independent Woman", the sexy trio release this inspirational song that lets everybody know they plan on sticking around. The powerful vocal performances of all three ladies give great strength to the pounding beat and their signature catchy chorus. Destiny's Child will no doubt survive and conquer the music world for years to come!

* * * * * (Mike Blasinsky)

Beyoncé reportedly claimed that this track from the forthcoming album of the same name was inspired by a US TV show, also called "Survivor". Yet, listening to the lyrics, you could be forgiven for thinking it was aimed at certain former group members! Melodically quite simple, with the main hook of the chorus and verses being very similar, it's most notable for the fact that not only does Kelly get to do some lead work, but so does Michelle - showing that her voice is pretty powerful when unleashed!

* * * (Janet Valentine)

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