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Released: 31st October 2005.

UK dance duo Dogzilla return with this, their third single on Maelstrom Records in recent years. "Without You" is, by far, their best track yet, capturing all the moody, atmospheric and dark production values that have characterised their previous work, and then adding so much more! Far, far superior to any trance offering from mainland Europe this year, this really is a triumph for UK dance production, and has, quite rightly, been met with enormous critical acclaim as a modern day dance masterpiece.

* * * * * (Cypher)

This is one of the best dance songs of the year - a dark, sad, trance song, very well put together with lush synths. The lyrics definitely add something to the song, but it's the melody that makes this song so catchy. Whilst trance may have not been commercially accessible this year, it's still far and away the dnace genre that has been releasing the best quality songs.

* * * * * (Mykka)

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