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Released: 16th April 2001.

This is Gloria's first English release since "Music Of My Heart" with *NSync a year ago. It is very reminiscent of the likes of "Turn The Beat Around" and "You'll Be Mine (Party Time)", and is the first single to accompany the release of her "Greatest Hits Volume II". A very upbeat affair, pure Latino dance that brings summer a few months early. She's not a Top 20 regular, but let's hope this release is at least a Top 20 hit!

* * * * (Phillip P)

Gloria's second greatest hits compilation, released just a few weeks ago, has received far less promotion than any of her previous albums - in fact, none at all. To remedy this situation, brand new track "Out Of Nowhere" is released from it - again with no promotion. It's a shame, as the single is not unlike her carnival-flavoured Latin classics of recent years, though not quite as instant. Worth listening to in your local record store, since you won't hear it anywhere else!

* * * (Amir)

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