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Released: 31st October 2005.

Blink 182 - Greatest HitsAfter somewhat of a hiatus earlier this year, Blink 182 return with a collection of all their singles, as well as a few surprises.

One of them is "Another Girl Another Planet", which is the theme tune to the MTV show "Meet The Barkers". This may be a cover, but Blink 182 showcase their return to punk rock in it, rather than the significance of the lyrics.

"Not Now", from the last self-titled album, is accompanied by a video featuring the band's finest moments. You will be familiar with "All The Small Things", "I Miss You", "Feelin This" and "Whats My Age Again", known for its memorable video.

To the audience's satisfaction / disappointment (delete as applicable) the song about a dog hasn't been included here.

As the band are likely to go their separate ways anytime now, this may be their final cash-in opportunity, yet it's an undeniably decent piece of work.

* * * * * (blink182rcool)

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