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Released: 16th April 2001.

Brian Harvey - Straight Up (No Bends)Anyone who has seen Brian Harvey perform live will agree that he has an amazing voice; unfortunately it's wasted here on his debut solo outing. "Straight Up" is a run of the mill, upbeat R&B track which has little impact or freshness. Having seen Brian support Destiny's Child on tour last year, I know that he has a lot of great material, so why begin this phase of his career with this? A big disappointment.

* * (CJB)

Just when you thought things couldn't get any worse, along comes ex-East 17 frontman Brian Harvey. Fresh from a collaboration with the Truesteppers, he releases his first solo single in a pop/R&B/garage hybrid style. The only trouble is that another former boy band frontman (Dane Bowers) has already done all that, and his efforts were vaguely good! Do I have to give it a star? OK, one for trying, but don't expect Brian's solo career to last long.

* (matthew_dixon)

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