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Released: 14th November 2005.

Athlete - Twenty Four Hours / Stand In The SunOnto the fourth single from the "Tourist" album now, and you wouldn't think it given the quality of this song. However, maybe that's because the third single was a bad choice. So, will this rather standard piece of modern Athlete fare better than its predecessor did? Well, Radio 1 are supporting this one heavily so I'd say Top 40 is pretty much a given, which is good news as it's a great song. However, considering the amount of No. 41s they've had in their career, don't say I didn't warn you.

* * * * (matthew_dixon)

With "Twenty Four Hours", the fourth release from Athlete's 'difficult' second album "Tourist", the Deptford four-piece are continuing to follow the sophisticated mood of their most recent singles. Sadly, though it's a nice enough tune, and its atmospheric sound makes it an album highlight, "Twenty Four Hours" lacks the pure emotion of big hits like "Wires", and since the last single "Tourist" flopped, it probably won't be a big hit.

* * * (Dave Kirkham)

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