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Released: 14th November 2005.

The Black Eyed Peas - My HumpsThe third release from "Monkey Business" sees the Peas venturing into an R&B meets dance vibe. The addictiveness of "My Humps" will ensure another hit, with its humorous lyrics, rather suave video, and quite frankly unique sound. Love it or hate it, there is simply no escaping Fergie's, or anybody else's humps, as this is a dancefloor favourite, and with the repeated "my humps" in the lyrics, it's hard to find someone not singing it. A tune quite like no other, placing it among their best releases.

* * * * * (crazyman324)

After the catchy "Don't Phunk With My Heart" and the lovely "Don't Lie", the Black Eyed Peas release the third single off their "Monkey Business" album. This time they've chosen "My Humps" and the title says it all: it's a tongue-in-cheek homage to Fergie's body. Naturally, she handles most of the vocals on the track, although she does it more in a 'talk in a funny voice' style rather than really singing. This is what makes "My Humps" grab your attention the very first time you hear it, but unfortunately it gets old quite quickly and loses its appeal after a few listens. A nice song, but not much more than that.

* * * (Saruman_78)

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