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Released: 5th December 2005.

No surprises here, naturally, but it would be too easy to dismiss this as more of the same. Enya's success has never been about surprises after all. "Amarantine" is a soothing ballad with a simple, sweet melody, reminiscent of 2000's somewhat more impressive "Only Time". It isn't a masterpiece, but it somehow feels like the most heavenly place on earth for its three minutes. With all the changes in pop music, it's reassuring that there is someone like Enya who ignores trends and has kept on releasing songs like this since 1988.

* * * * (Jenny Collins)

Enya's first release from her upcoming album of the same title is pretty much your typical Enya offering - saintly vocals and haunting, atmospheric music, similar to that of "Only Time". This won't win her any new fans, and won't do spectacular things in the chart, but it's pleasing enough to keep her fanbase anticipating her new album.

* * * * (Terence)

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