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Released: 14th November 2005.

Will Young - Switch It OnWith a video mimicking 80s flick "Top Gun" and a song resembling a weird combination of George Michael's "Faith" and Jessica Simpson's infamous Nancy Sinatra cover, the original Pop Idol returns. I applaud him for being brave enough not to launch his new album with a ballad as the first single ("Leave Right Now" was the lead on his last album "Friday's Child"), but I don't know. It's a grower I'd say. Still, it'll do well, I've no doubt of that.

* * * (Alex MacGregor)

From his forthcoming album "Keep On", Will Young is back with a song that shows an edgier side to the very first Pop Idol winner. The main problem with "Switch It On", however, is that the production is perhaps a little too frantic and bombards you, and subtracts from Will's superb vocals.

* * * (Paul Matthews)

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