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Released: 21st November 2005.

Tom Novy feat. Michael Marshall - Your BodyTom Novy may be best known to many as one half of Novy vs Eniac, who had a big club hit in 1998 with "Superstar". However, he is also active as a solo artist/producer. Recently he had a big hit in Germany with "Take It", a fantastically relaxed tune with superb vocals by Lima Ben-Janett. For his new single, however, he returns to his club style. "Your Body" is the sort of song that sounds instantly familiar and gets everyone on the dancefloor. The vocals by Michael Marshall suit the track perfectly, and tunes like this may convince people that 2005 maybe wasn't the worst year for dance music after all. Great song.

* * * * (Saruman_78)

With almost a decade of experience in dance music production under his belt, veteran German DJ/Producer Tom Novy returns to the UK singles market after a few years absence with a track that has helped define the Ibiza summer. "Your Body" combines a subtle sample from Aretha Franklin's "Jump To It" with a rather simple, yet very catchy vocal from Michael Marshall to great effect. This is a very polished production, which capitalises on its percussive element in tandem with a bouncy guitar riff. Hopefully, its Radio 1 A-Listing and club profile should see it hit the Top 10.

* * * * (Cypher)

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