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Released: 7th November 2005.

Kate Bush - AerialSecluded from the public eye since 1993, the weird and wonderful pop singer / songwriter makes an anticipated return equipped with a double album, "Aerial".

"King Of The Mountain" re-introduces Kate Bush as the official random lyric provider, and the rest of the album follows suit. Bordering on ridiculous, "Mrs Bartolozzi" features lots of numericals when it doesn't go on about washing machines.

What could potentially make you reach for the bucket, turns out to be harmless, as a track about Kate's son, "Bertie" surprises with a melody that can be appreciated by both aliens and humans. That said, nothing on "Aerial" really stands out as particularily uncommon.

The whole affair feels half-hearted, not confident enough in its eeriness, failing to deliver the haunting sound Kate Bush is known for. In fact, it sounds like an album released to please the artist rather than the audience.

* * * (Aneta Janssen)

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