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Released: 28th November 2005.

Kelly Clarkson - Because Of YouAfter really taking off this year on both sides of the pond, Kelly Clarkson releases the third single from her platinum selling album "Breakaway". "Because Of You" is a beautiful and storming power ballad written by Kelly about her torture and torment as a child. This thoughtful effort is an obvious album standout and something other artists should take note of. Even though it's more on the dark and haunting side, it should see Kelly bidding for a Top 10 position for the third time this year.

* * * * * (Jabba Dubba)

Poor Kelly Clarkson. She's so hard-done-by, isn't she? Continuing her run of complainy singles is "Because Of You", a clichéd, piano driven power ballad, with watery lyrics that could leave anyone at the source of Kelly's troubles. Though weak as a song, it showcases Kelly's strong vocals superbly. I'm also partly glad that she's doing so well with a formula that many people thought was worn out.

* * * (Lex)

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