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Released: 5th December 2005.

DHT feat. Edmée - Listen To Your HeartBelgian dance act DHT, consisting of vocalist Edmée Daenen and producer Flor Theeuwes, originally released this cover of Roxette's "Listen To Your Heart" in their homeland in 2003. The single contained various dance versions, but it was the unplugged ballad version that was picked up by radio stations and made it to No. 1. After achieving success in the US, the single now gets a UK release. The dance version is a great song, but it's the unplugged version that highlights DHT's strongest feature - the amazing voice of Edmée. One of only a few cover versions to match or (dare I say it) even surpass the original.

* * * * * (Saruman_78)

Somewhat of a novelty this, from Belgian dance act DHT. "Listen To Your Heart", a cover of the Roxette hit, has two versions - one a very generic dance version that takes away from the song's meaning; the other a gorgeous, pure-sounding ballad, which accentuates Edmée Daenen's naturally beautiful vocals.

* * * * (Paul Matthews)

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