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Released: 28th November 2005.

Oasis - Let There Be LoveFrom "Don't Believe The Truth" comes what sounds like should be an Oasis classic, but somehow it isn't. "Let There Be Love" sounds distinctly Oasis, but there's something lacklustre about the band's delivery of both the song and the lyrics that doesn't make it as good as it perhaps could have been.

* * * (Paul Matthews)

Third single time from the "Don't Believe The Truth" album, and opinion appears rather divided on this track. A lot of people are claiming this to be Oasis's greatest song in years, but quite frankly, it's the most half-hearted thing they've done in a very long time. Face it lads, you're not good at doing soppy ballads - leave that to the likes of Embrace and Keane and come back with something truly anthemic like we know you're capable of.

* * (matthew_dixon)

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