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Released: 30th April 2001.

Alsou - Before You Love MeI think this will be a hit. Partly because it sounds like Britney Spears, partly because the chorus is really catchy and partly because Alsou is so sexy! The only thing that might stop this song from being super successful is its lack of promotion. Still, I'll definitely be buying it!

* * * * * (Alex Hulse)

This girl has a great voice and CAN REALLY SING! She was the runner up in last year's Eurovision Song Contest with a song that should have put her way ahead of the others. This is another track, equally good and uplifting. It's not your average pop record, but with her individual style is something far more original. The song begins with some great guitar, which is then complemented by her beautiful and soulful voice. It's got to be big!

* * * * (Phillip P)

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