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Released: 21st November 2005.

50 Cent - Window ShopperAnother hip-hop release and 50 Cent's fourth this year. Now we've reached the point where it begins to bore, and you can no longer tell the difference between the last or the one before that. It's neither good nor bad, but uninspiring, lyrically weak and forgettable. Is the hip-hop king slipping from his throne just as he releases his debut film? (This being the lead track.) He desperately needs something unpredictable, refreshing and out of his comfort zone, something like "In Da Club", "P.I.M.P." or "Candy Shop".

* * (Jabba Dubba)

You're poor and I'm not. Bottom line. Stop being jealous that I'm rich and you can't buy everything you want, like me. This is where hip-hop is at right now. I guess dissing anyone who isn't rich is the new thing? Bragging about money wasn't enough, now 50 Cent has to put down poor people. Ha ha ha, what a joke. Bill Gates should release a song calling 50 Cent a window shopper, that would be classic.

* (Lynx)

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