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Released: 5th December 2005.

Gwen Stefani - LuxuriousAfter marching it out with "Hollaback Girl" before slowing it down for "Cool", this fifth single from Gwen Stefani's stellar "Love Angel Music Baby" album sees Gwen in full mid-tempo hip-hop mode, with her take on the bling bling lifestyle. The beat has all been used before, but with Gwen's sexy purring, grabbing hook and slick production, it still stands as another hit for the ex No Doubter. Lacks the immediacy of previous tracks, but after a few spins, it's hard to resist.

* * * * (Muzikritik)

You might be thinking that "Love Angel Music Baby" has already been milked dry, but from what I've heard, there's still some pretty obvious singles on it. However, releasing "Luxurious" ranks alongside that awful Pharrell duet in terms of 'most stupid release Gwen Stefani has done this year'. This song is so terminally dull, that I expect it will struggle even to reach the lower reaches of the Top 40 - or am I being too hopeful there?

* (matthew_dixon)

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