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Released: 5th December 2005.

The Strokes - JuiceboxAfter a period away from the spotlight, The Strokes, one of the most popular new talents in rock music, return to the scene with a great new single. "Juicebox" might not be the most daring track, and could easily fit in the band's last studio album, but who said we wanted them to change? It's not a "Last Nite", but not far from the band's best either.

* * * * (CitruZ)

I have never been a fan of their music, but with this song, The Strokes have sunk even lower. Julian can't sing to save his life, but this time he's gone too far, as he's completely out of tune and just yells throughout the song. It deserves to be a complete flop, but as indie dirge continues to ride high in the charts, it will unfortunately be a big hit.

* (Mykka)

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