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Released: 5th December 2005.

Sugababes - UglySingle number two from "Taller In More Ways" is arguably the best Sugababes song released to date. "Ugly" is a much more thoughtful effort than it's predecessor, using the same concept as Christina Aguilera's "Beautiful". Yes, people are all the same, but girl bands are obviously not, and the Sugababes prove it. An outstanding track, with a sound more mature to even that of their last album, "Three". Releasing this at such an appropriate time should ensure the girls are handed their tenth Top 10 hit.

* * * * * (Ilya Khorkov)

The Sugababes' last single was atrocious to say the least (although the majority will no doubt disagree with me), and to be honest with you, this is no better either. And what an ironic title! Their best songs in my opinion were when Siobhan Donaghy was still in the group. Where is she by the way? Siobhan, if you're reading this, please come back with some new stuff and show your former colleagues how it really should be done.

* (Alex MacGregor)

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