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Released: 12th December 2005.

McFly - Ultraviolet / The Ballad Of Paul KWisely opting out of the race for Christmas No. 1, Tom, Danny, Dougie and Harry bring us their first seasonal offering with the fourth single from "Wonderland". On the A-Side, a nice, chilled, acoustic style track which sees them discuss the perils of being a 40-something male, while "Ultraviolet" is an upbeat, jaunty affair with plenty of guitars and a nice bit of sitar in there as well, so a good track to boogie to at your Christmas parties. If there was any justice, this would be Christmas No. 1, but it just might be their fifth No. 1, you never know. However, avoid the video for "The Ballad Of Paul K" - it will creep you out big time.

* * * * (Alex MacGregor)

Quite simply, McFly never cease to impress. They've had unwavering success in their chart runs so far and they've completely deserved it. The two songs on this double A-side are more weighty than the last few releases - "Ultraviolet" has strange, hypnotic verses, while "The Ballad Of Paul K" is a sort of darkly comic song about a man in a mid-life crisis. The McFly spark is still there though, so a Top 5 hit is likely.

* * * * (Lex)

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