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Released: 12th December 2005.

Nizlopi - JCB SongHailing from Warwickshire are the adolescent folk duo Nizlopi, who are on a mission to send this, their brilliant debut single, to the top of the charts this Christmas. A touching account of a father and son relationship, "JCB Song" is an acoustic ballad that has already been a hit on the internet thanks to its emotive lyrics. With a charming, animated music video to match, it should dig the boys deeper into success, even if it's not your usual festive No. 1.

* * * * * (Dave Kirkham)

The Overhyped Christmas Single in the vein of the Gary Jules track from 2003, Part 398. Just what do people see in this song? It's pants! The lyrics are like reading a primary school kid's "About Me" page of their exercise book, the melody is a Bedouin Soundclash rip off, and the vocals sound like a bored, unemployed teenager with an ASBO. Avoid this at all costs if you have any sense.

* (Alex MacGregor)

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