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Released: 28th November 2005.

Dave McCullen (real name David Vervoort) is a producer from Belgium, who's often collaborated with Peter Luts on projects like Roadblock or, more famously, Lasgo. With Dave's next single in progress, his 'old' single from 2004, "B*tch", now gets a UK release. An electro-influenced club track with Dave himself on (vocoded) vocals, the song turns out to be far less aggressive than its title suggests. There's only one line repeated in the track, and I'm sad to say that the song, though catchy at first, doesn't really age well because of its repetitiveness.

* * * (Saruman_78)

Former Lasgo-producer, Dave McCullen, makes his move onto the UK dance market with a track that has raised more than a few eyebrows in Ibiza over the summer. "B*tch" marks a departure from his usual pop/trance style - instead, this is more of an electro piece, both vocally and instrumentally. Although this has seen plenty of radio support, it does come across a little on the tacky side, with the emphasis more on shock value over substance.

* * * (Cypher)

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