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Released: 31st October 2005.

Test Icicles - For Screening Purposes OnlyThere's always an element of risk, or just plain stupidity when buying an album from "the next big thing" and we all know the NME doesn't always know best. Test Icicles seem like as good a reason as any to pay attention to them.

After listening to the CD just once, it may be hard to distinguish one song from the next, had there not be two seconds gap in between.

Yes, the music industry seems all for experimenting at the moment, seemingly blamed on the explosion of Brit-rock last year, fuelled by the success of Franz Ferdinand, Kaiser Chiefs and other indie-gods, and experiments, nine times out of ten always go well, but there's always one that blows up in your face and makes a black cloudy mess all over your overalls, and this album may be one of them.

The album does have some gems, see singles "Boa vs Python" and "Circle Square Triangle", also opener "Your Biggest Mistake" and "Mantain The Focus", but apart from that, the whole thing is just an electro-metal screaming mess, with not a lot else to offer.

As proved, something different it always welcomed, but please, next time, remember to pack a tune with it.

* * (Twixy)

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