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Released: 14th November 2005.

Madonna - Confessions On A Dance FloorAfter the release of critically acclaimed (read: commercial flop) "American Life", Madonna returns to her roots. No more anti-war messages, this time she comes with a non-stop dance pop record.

"Confessions On A Dance Floor" is exciting and, refreshing. It starts with the major hit and lead single "Hung Up", going trough second single "Sorry", the brillant "I Love New York", the catchy and energetic "Jump", not to mention "Isaac", which bears similiarity to the 1998 hit "Frozen".

It may take you a few listens to enjoy tracks like "Get Together", "Future Lovers" and "Push". Some will sound bland for a short period, like "Forbidden Love", but after a while you'll find every song from this album special.

Madonna may have distanced herself from polemical and controversial themes like the ones she explored in many previous albuns, but this time was able to compile a record that will be considered one the best pop albums ever made.

* * * * (CitruZ)

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