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Released: 7th May 2001.

Maria Rubia - Say ItMaria Rubia was of course the featured vocalist on Fragma's last big hit "Everytime You Need Me". On the back of that success, she's gone solo, and with a much better track than her Fragma one. A pleasant, poppy dance tune, encompassed by some Alice Deejay-like sythesized notes, she adds some French lyrics to show off her multi-linguistic abilities. However, despite being a better song, it has struggled for airplay and will end up a much smaller hit.

* * * * (Amir)

Following the success of the awful "Everytime You Need Me" back in January, Maria Rubia also returns with another track. Sadly, however, that track did well because it was Fragma and not because it featured Maria Rubia. This, believe it or not, is even worse; a very samey song with nothing to recommend it.

* (matthew_dixon)

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