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Released: 21st November 2005.

Will Young - Keep OnI've never been Will Young's biggest fan, but after hearing his current single, "Switch It On", I decided to check out his new album. Working with Rachel Stevens cohort Cathy Dennis, ex-Alisha's Attic member Karen Poole and critically acclaimed Nitin Sawhney, "Keep On" seems like it could be Young's finest work to date.

Fans of "Leave Right Now" can engross themselves in the gorgeous next single "All Time Love". Then there is a lilting, summery cover of "Happiness", the brilliant "Ain't Such A Bad Place To Be" and the haunting "Who Am I".

Overall, this is a great pop album, which proves variety is the spice of life for Will, and with an album this good he could continue to become a long standing recording artist in this country.

* * * * (Alex MacGregor)

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