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Released: 19th December 2005.

Coldplay - TalkTo be honest, I've never been much of a Coldplay fan. Yes, they've made some fine songs but I've not been impressed by Chris Martin's vocals. However, after I found myself reluctantly enjoying "Speed Of sound", I decided to give this one a chance as well. "Talk" is definitely one of Coldplay's standout tracks and shows just how a good song should sound. The backing track might sound nearly as out of tune as Chris Martin during a live performance, but it's not so disturbing this time - the song has an undeniable charm, thanks to the catchy melody between the chorus lines - and it may even rank as one of my favourite tunes of 2005.

* * * * * (Saruman_78)

Shock exclusive! The new Coldplay single is - wait for it - actually bearable! After the dross of "Speed Of Sound" and "Fix You" comes the standout track from the (somewhat overrated) "X&Y" album. A definite contender for the Christmas No. 1, and for once they do actually deserve it.

* * * (MrShankly)

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