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Released: 19th December 2005.

Girls Aloud - See The DayFor their final release of the year and the third release from new album "Chemistry", Britain's premier girl group opt for a slower approach with a cover of the Dee C. Lee classic "See The Day". With the girls' classy vocals and sentimental beats, this gorgeous track would be a perfect Christmas No. 1. Unfortunately, with it being such a busy week, it will struggle to make the Top 5. It's a shame because this would be the ideal way to finish a great year for girl bands.

* * * * * (Jabba Dubba)

Girls Aloud attempt to grab this year's Christmas No. 1 with their take on Dee C. Lee's twenty year old hit "See The Day", and they've done a pretty decent job with it. Sung almost entirely by Nadine - who is unfairly being pushed as the only voice in the band these days - this is a nice ballad with a huge and anthemic chorus, very much what people want to hear at this time of year. That's also the problem with "See The Day" - the result is too pleasant, and sounds average when compared with the fun and raw energy of modern pop classics like "No Good Advice" and "Love Machine". Thankfully, their new album shows the girls are still able to produce cracking pop numbers, so look for "Chemistry" instead.

* * * (Xevi)

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