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Released: 19th December 2005.

After weeks of voting, judge backstabbing and so on and so forth, Shayne Ward has been crowned as the winner of ITV's X-Factor. Despite what Charlotte Church thinks of him (and let's face it, she's in the minority), and even though this song is quite typical of a first effort from a reality show winner, I think Simon Cowell is right - Shayne really does have that little something special about him, and I'm sure as soon as we see his equivalent of "Keep On" or "What Will The Neighbours Say", then we'll see just how talented this young man is set to become.

* * * * (Alex MacGregor)

Over 75,000 auditioned earlier this summer to become the next big thing and to be crowned the winner of X-Factor. After many gruelling auditions and nail-biting live rounds, 21-year-old Shayne Ward fought off rivals to the claim the crown and releases his debut single in time for Christmas. The most likely bid for the No. 1 spot, "That's My Goal" is an uplifting track about experiences and overcoming hurdles. This meaningful debut could be the just the track needed to kick-start a long and healthy career for the hopeful heartthrob.

* * * * (Jabba Dubba)

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