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Released: 26th December 2005.

Hard-Fi - Cash MachineHard-Fi, one of 2005's unlikely successes, re-release their debut single to end the year. It's a good thing too, as "Cash Machine" is possibly their strongest, most meaningful release to date. Despite its catchy, thumping beat and Richard Archer's unique vocals, it's the lyrics that makes this song stand out, as it describes the morbid living conditions in Staines powerfully. It probably won't make Top 10, but it goes to prove that "Stars of CCTV" is one of the most direct, unashamed albums released this year.

* * * * * (Dave Kirkham)

In the quietest week of the chart year, the Staines massive (no, not Ali G) return with their fourth single from "Stars Of CCTV". It's not as instant as their previous releases, but it's catchy enough to become a Top 20 hit at the very least. The video, however, is visually quite bizarre - it sees their lead singer working as a little minion inside a, yep, cash machine. Talk about clever or what?

* * * (Alex MacGregor)

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