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Released: 21st May 2001.

Redman, throughout his entire career, has got better and better and this album lives up to that. From the Intro to the Outro, Redman hits you hard with the stuff that'll burn a hole in your chest. Best tracks are, well, the whole album. Each and every song is layed out perfect.

Personal favourites are "Enjoy Da Ride" featuring Method Man, Saukrates & Streetlife, "Let's Get Dirty", "Doggz II" and "Soopaman Luva 5" (parts I & II). "Enjoy Da Ride" is a fast-paced track laced with a hot beat and phat lyrics. Everybody knows that everything that Method Man and Redman collectively touch turns to gold. "Let's Get Dirty", a track geared to those unfortunate people who can't get into a club, is the single on this album. "Doggz II" is a slower song, with DMX on the chorus. And "Soopaman Luva 5" is another classic addition in the life of Soopaman Luva. If you haven't copped this album yet, you better run to the store right now. This is one you should not sleep on.

* * * * (Lynx)

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