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Released: 21st May 2001.

Anastacia - Cowboys And KissesMaybe not the next single I'd have chosen from the platinum selling album "Not That Kind", but nevertheless, Anastacia still shows what a great voice she has! This is a mid-tempo country/pop ballad, but before you all claim she copied Madonna, this was written well before her "Music" album. For some reason, Radio 1 is yet again refusing to play Anastacia's songs, so Top 10 is very unlikely - but who knows!

* * * * * (Richie Clarke)

The third single from the Top 10 album "Not That Kind" is a slightly country-tinged slow number. However, there is no dull moment in it. The best part is definitely the silent-starting bridge, after which Anastacia lets her characteristic voice reach the unreachable. With a catchier chorus this would be a gem, but as it is, it just about stands out.

* * * (Aneta Janssen)

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