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Released: 21st May 2001.

Sunshine Anderson - Heard It All BeforeWell, we may have heard it all before, but when it sounds this good there's every reason to hear it again. It takes a few listens to grow on you, but after that it's very hard to get out of your head. A perfect song for a sunny, summer's day, I just hope Sunshine can perform as well in the winter.

* * * * * (matthew_dixon)

It's an unfortunate situation for a single to be named after the listener's reaction to it. Yes, Sunshine Anderson, however original the name, is not really anything new. She has a nice, strong voice, but so have a hundred other R&B singers out there. Her debut single is a typical US R&B track, just about catchy enough to make core R&B fans go out and buy it, but nothing more. Heard it all before - indeed.

* * (Aneta Janssen)

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