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Released: 21st May 2001.

Dido - Thank YouIf anyone is going to knock the S Clubbers off the top for the second time in a month, this might just be the song. "Here With Me" deserved to make the top spot, but not as much as this one does. It has already featured in a film soundtrack and was, of course, sampled in the chorus to Eminem's "Stan" last Christmas. Seeing it sung live on Later with Jools Holland really brought home that this is a song the singer enjoys singing, and you can see why.

* * * * * (matthew_dixon)

The world first really heard of Dido through controversial white rapper Eminem. The success of "Stan" meant that success for Dido was inevitable. Her album, "No Angel" is still riding high in the album chart and is a clear reflection of her current success. Now the tune Eminem sampled gets a release, and is proving popular on radio A-lists and with the buying public no doubt. This somewhat calming song practically spells out No. 1.

* * * * * (Guy Pettit)

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