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Released: 28th May 2001.

Ellie Campbell - Don't Want You BackThis is Ellie's third single in as many years following the relative flop of the first two - "Sweet Lies" and "So Many Ways". "Don't Want You Back" is the best of the lot and deserves to enter the Top 10. She's given pop some beat with this summery tune that will make you want to dance along. It's very promising, especially since this is the single that summons the release of her debut album "Ellie", out in June.

* * * * (Phillip P)

Ellie releases her third single, and sadly, like the others, it has been ignored. Billie Piper is not the "British Britney", she is unique. Ellie Campbell is the British Britney, and is every bit as good. Britney would've been proud to have released this, but it is maybe too much of a carbon copy.

* * * * (matthew_dixon)

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