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Released: 4th June 2001.

Melanie B - LullabyScary Spice releases her fifth UK single, and I must say, this is her best yet. It's a slow R&B number, dedicated to her daughter Phoenix Chi. Her career is on the line, and critics are saying she is using the two-year-old to help herself - but Spice fans know Melanie better than that! However, if this song does do well, Melanie will release one more single from her relatively unsuccessful album "Hot".

* * * * * (JamesCarter)

The first ballad and fourth single to be lifted from Melanie B's "Hot", the album shows no sign of wearing off. This is a beautiful song about her daughter Phoenix Chi. Some may say it's cheesy; I say it's a great pop ballad. So far, she has somehow lacked the spark to propel her to the top of the charts, and this, being one of the busiest weeks for singles this year, doesn't look easy. The music's there, so she could make it into the Top 5 if she works accordingly.

* * * * (Phillip P)

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