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Released: 4th June 2001.

Marti Pellow - Close To YouWhile Marti Pellow's voice is as great as ever and this is a catchy tune, it doesn't really offer anything new. It sounds pretty much like standard Wet Wet Wet. This is Marti doing what he does well, and it should appeal to fans, but it won't grab the attention of anyone not familiar with his past work. After 15 years in the business, maybe it's time Marti tried a dramatic change in direction.

* * * (Melissa Baines)

Having been a big Wet Wet Wet fan when I was younger, I was really looking forward to the solo material of frontman Marti Pellow - but sadly it wasn't worth waiting for. Marti kicks his solo career off in appalling style by trying to be Westlife. This ballad is painfully dull, which is a shame from someone who could have done much better.

* * (matthew_dixon)

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