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Released: 4th June 2001.

Steps return in fine form! "Here And Now", an awesome, Britney-ish tune, has been revved up and is ready to storm the charts. "You'll Be Sorry" is tops too, as it mixes dance with pop resulting in a STEPtacular tune. Overall an excellent single, well done again Steps!

* * * * * (Chris Mason)

The follow up to the ABBA sounding "The Way You Make Me Feel", Steps return with an upbeat, double A-side. "Here And Now" is slightly better than "You'll Be Sorry", and could easily launch the group in America. It's not as uptempo as the album version, but a third UK No. 1 is still possible. This is the fourth and final single taken from "Buzz" as Steps prepare to go on tour throughout the year, but they've confirmed they'll be back in September with a new single.

* * * * (JamesCarter)

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