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Released: 11th June 2001.

Daft Punk - Digital LoveThese European DJs are at it again. Not only have they produced a string of dance hits, but this annoying single looks likely to do the same. It's not as good as "Around The World" and perhaps not as bad as "One More Time". It's quite an average track really, but since Brits will buy anything, this could be heading up the charts to become a Top 10 hit.

* * (JamesCarter)

I constantly feel that I am alone on this view, but I really cannot see what the big fuss is about Daft Punk. Everyone rates songs like "Around The World" and "One More Time" as classics... why??? They are nothing more than average dance tunes, and quite honestly, this is not much better. It is very quirky, but has little to offer.

* * (matthew_dixon)

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