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Released: 11th June 2001.

Following a slightly disappointing comeback with the album "", R Kelly returns to form with a freshly remixed track which, for R&B fans, could be the song of the summer. Made for the clubs, the beat will get you hooked, while the simplicity of the chorus will have you nodding your head along in approval. A little rap from Jay-Z completes the package and a hot chart position is assured. Fully deserved too!

* * * * * (CJB)

It's hard to believe that people still buy R Kelly's records. He's not really a bad singer, but he seems to release the same song every time. This one is not as unoriginal as "The Storm Is Over Now", but this time he tries to change his image to that of a cool, younger singer. The beat is annoying, as are his high vocals, and hopefully more people will become tired of his boring songs.

* * (Marvin van der Weyde)

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