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Released: 11th June 2001.

Mis-Teeq - All I WantThese rising stars of UK garage release a cracking second single following the hit formula of their debut "Why?". Now slimmed down to a trio, these ladies really know how to make a hip urban dance track! Commercial enough to create mass appeal, yet with a "Booo!" of approval from 'da garage massive', Mis-Teeq could become THE big new girl group. With some hot R&B mixes from Ignorants and Blacksmith, you'd be mad not to buy this!

* * * * * (CJB)

Following the demise of the likes of Eternal and Fierce, the Honeyz and Mis-Teeq are left to fly the flag for UK R&B girl groups. However, while they may only be on their second single, Mis-Teeq seem to have the edge with their combination of R&B, garage and rap. "All I Want" continues in a similar direction to their fantastic debut "Why?", and though not quite as impressive, it should help to cement their status as a girl group to be reckoned with.

* * * * (Amir)

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