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Released: 11th June 2001.

Finally! It's taken several years, but at last Kelly Jones actually sounds happy! Hurrah! Due to that major fact, this has to be the best Stereophonics song yet, ideal for chilling to on a hot summer day when you have nothing much to do. The only question is, do the Stereophonics really come from "Arlot" as they say in the song?

* * * * (matthew_dixon)

One of the more "radio friendly" indie bands, the Stereophonics have decided to change tack and become more poppy! Kelly still has his familiar gravelly voice, but that's the only part of this song that can be classed as being typical of the band. This song (and indeed the whole current album) has fans divided. It's similar to "So Why So Sad?" by that OTHER welsh band, and is catchy enough to grab the attention of people who wouldn't normally like the Stereophonics. Personally I've heard worse, but I've also heard better.

* * * (Melissa Baines)

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